Suzuki Address 110 The Smart, Sleek Way To Get Around Town


When it comes inner city travel Suzuki has you covered with the smart, youthful looking Address 110 ready to give you an exciting method of getting from A to B and back again.

A lifestyle statement says as much about your personality as where you want to go, this head-turning, street-smart all-rounder is more than just a stylish commuter.

Comfort and convince are two key factors when traveling through town or around your local suburb and with this in mind the Address 110 boast new streamlined dimensions that are built with generous comfort in mind.

What's more, the Address 110's floor board has enough space to adjust your foot position.

While small in looks the street smart scooter from Suzuki has more than enough room to stash your full-face helmet, rain gear and other items in the roomy 20.6 litre underseat storage compartment, generously designed for extra spaciousness and convenience.

Additionally, two storage compartments on either side add another 1,100ml of storage space for that quick stop at the shops on the way home.

With security in mind the key hole to the storage compartments is covered by a lid to prevent motorcycle theft that is accessed using the main ignition keyhole, eliminating the need to remove your key to open seat compartment.

The large-capacity 5.2 litre fuel tank combined with the specially designed and super efficient Suzuki ECU, ensures the Address 110 can achieve up to an astonishing 255km* on a single tank of fuel.

Its not hard to be noticed with the Address 110s definitive sharp, youthful good looks and from only $2,990 ride away, the new Suzuki Address 110 is ready to have you traveling the city and suburban streets in style.

- Available colour: Metallic Ice Silver
- Warranty period: Backed by Suzukis 12 month, unlimited-kilometre warranty

*Measured by SUZUKI in WMTC mode.