SUZUKI GP Helmet by Arai


Available exclusively through Suzuki, the Suzuki GP helmet by Arai is based from their popular Chaser-X model. 

Advanced Shell
The complexity of the Arai shell construction combines a multitude of proprietary materials layered and bonded with specially developed resins and techniques, all created internally by Arai, that deliver both performance and affordability. The shape and positioning of specific support materials provide increased performance without increasing helmet size, resulting in a smaller and more compact helmet. The latest ?Z-Mixture? resins increases material adhesion requiring less resin for a stronger bond between materials for a thinner and lighter shell.

The VAS Shield
The shield-mounting mechanism features a new Variable Axis System (VAS) moving pivot point. The VAS pivot cover is now smaller and lower than Arai?s previous design, yielding and average of 24mm more shell material above the cover. As a result, the shell is now smoother in the temple area above the cover, thus increasing the helmets ability to glance off or slide across obstacles during an impact.

Dual Flow System
Both the front and rear upper vents utilise intake and exhaust ports, creating a ?Dual Flow? that manages airflow with extreme efficiency keeping the rider cool and comfortable. But, even when the front intake port is closed for cold or wet weather, the exhaust port remains open to allow heat and humidity to escape, helping to reduce shield fogging. This new ventilation system works well in many riding positions, allowing both intake ports to capture cool air regardless of the riders? head position.

The interior is made with an odour-reducing and dirt-resisting antimicrobial material. The new neck roll, which wraps comfortably around the rider?s neck, reduces wind noise while also improving ease of ingress and egress. The addition of the Arai's FCS cheek pad makes putting on and removing the helmet easier while maintaining comfort around the lower jaw. Both the comfort headliner and cheek pads have 5mm peel-away layers for micro-fitting. The ear pockets have moulded recesses for easier intercom speaker installation.